About Us

OPEN BIM Network

The OPEN BIM Network was established to promote OPEN BIM™ in the UK. It is led by Constructing Excellence and supported by leading software vendors.

The primary function of the OPEN BIM Network is to inform the industry of what Open BIM is, what it means, why it is increasingly becoming the global solution of choice, how it can be done and what, collectively, industry can do to accelerate its adoption.


OPEN BIM Network Objectives

Represent the views of the international OPEN BIM Programme in the UK

  • Engage with the UK Construction Industry as the neutral voice of open communication process and protocols
  • Support the UK government client strategy
  • Represent the views of its members to industry and government
  • Inform the industry of Open BIM process/technology developments and applications
  • Offer non-proprietary implementation guidance
  • Work with academia on the development of Open BIM education


OPEN BIM Network Activities

Communicate and promote the activities of the network to the wider industry via media articles, advertising, partners and members.

  • Write and distribute a regular newsletter containing application features and case studies
  • Deliver regular informative seminars throughout the UK, with specific focus of Open BIM in practice – eg live demonstration of vendor interoperability
  • Provide media for members information exchange – e.g. web site/forums, conferences
  • Act as a conduit for the delivery of accredited industry courses


As a member of the OPEN BIM Network you will be able to demonstrate support for a common platform and show commitment to collaborative design and engagement.

The OPEN BIM Network is open to all stakeholders including clients, designers, contractors, vendors and operators of assets – providing that they meet the simple criteria of endorsing OPEN BIM as the internationally accepted standard for collaboration.



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